Dear Philly Music Zoners and Horizonheads,

Due to unforseen, unexpected and very serious medical issues, Co-Founder of PMZ, Frank Pereira is unable to contunie his efforts at PMZ as web designer.

I have now taken on his duties at PMZ and will try to do my best to keep the concert listings up to date, as well as keep the slide show up to date.

May all of your thoughts and prayers go out to Frank for a speedy recovery.

I am currently in Phoenix, AZ opening a satellite office, such that Horizon Press Company can cover concerts in both the PA/NJ & AZ markets.

For all future concert tour updates visit:



Hopefully, Frank will make a full recovery very quickly and resume his duties at PMZ.

Thank you for your ongoing support at Philly Music Zone & Horizon Press Company!

Keep Frank in your prayers!


Michael Davis

CEO of Horizon Press Company


CEO/Co-Founder of PMZ

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